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Dynamic groups of horses

In CRIO ONLINE, you can create 2 types of groups: Manual or Dynamic. In both cases, the idea is to work with a set of horses, in a simpler way.

Dynamic groups allow you to define a criteria to be part of the group. This means that when a horse meets the criteria of the group it automatically belong to it.

This is especially useful if we want to create groups that have criteria that changes constantly, such as age, pregnancy status, etc ... so that you do not have to be constantly updating the horses belonging to the group, instead it is done automatically.

Grouping criteria: Birth, Age range in months, Breeder and Owner, Location, Status (active, reference, dead, sold, castrated, pregnant), Parents, Gender, Breed and Color.

Equine Breeding

In CRIO ONLINE you can handle integrally the reproduction of your horses, either in a basic or professional use.

Associated Features: Breeding mares, Tracking pregnancy, palpations, Breeding Sales, Stock of Semen, Birth, Reminders.

Barns and horse's location

In CRIO ONLINE, you can design your stables or barns in a very simple way, as if it were blueprints and then assign horses to each box.

In this way we can know where each horse is and keep track of its diet.

In the same way, you can assign horses to Paddocks and handle them similar than using Groups.

Public links to your horses

In CRIO ONLINE, you can create an individual Public Link to a horse... specifying what information to display of it.

Then, you can share this link with your customers via email, on your website or on social networks. It is even possible to password protect access to this public link (if we want it to be seen only by one person).

The settings also allow you to define a time of validity of the link.

Public links to group of horses

In CRIO ONLINE, you can create a Public Link to a group of horses ... and share it with clients and friends.

There are several templates for you to select and choose how to display your animals. For example, you can set it as a catalog of sale, or look like Polaroid photos.

In addition, this link can be embed in your website , so it could show your horses on your website, managing it from CRIO !!

Ejemplos: Click Here